November 23rd, 2011

If you live in Boston and go to cool places, you might start to see a poster I did for the awesome band called Tallahassee. This may also be true if you live in Providence or New York City. Here it is along with the sketch, in case you’re not cool enough to see it in person. I highly recommend checking out their show as well.

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  1. I wish I had an interesting story! I was born in New Zealand and grew up all over the world, United States, China, Indonesia until my family settled in Perth,

  2. would think the Isrelis are kooks for believing in fairytale of pillars of cloud as some divine defense. The IDF would be right about that:

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  5. I hate to sound like a nitpick, but your grammar is justdeplorable.  I want to be interested in this, I really do.  But it seems you spent so much time on the design (which, I will say, is amazing) that you forgot that people actually have to read your blog.  Clean this upPLEASE.  It could be so much bigger if you just did some work.

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