Artists & Climate Change

April 28th, 2018

I recently wrote a short essay about why I feel the need to transition from pure freelance illustration to more community-based public arts. It has a lot to do with the responsibility I feel as an artist and a creative to help people understand the implications of climate change and how the world is going to change around us in the future. For this reason, I’m thrilled to say the essay was published on the blog, Artists & Climate Change. Check it out!

One response to “Artists & Climate Change”

  1. Keira O'Connell says:

    That is great Sophy!!! I am a great supporter of changing the world for the better, but climate change has been here a long time and no one has done anything!!! It is destroying our planet piece by piece. Good job and I reallly think you can make a difference in the world!!!

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