Piano for the City of Fitchburg

November 25th, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was approached by someone from the City of Fitchburg to paint a piano for their community arts and music program. This week, I got started on the process. First, we went to the piano repair/storage place that was pretty incredible in and of itself. It was an enormous warehouse filled with every kind of piano you could imagine. We were greeted by Holly, who was smoking a cigarette and telling us all about our new “Dogbone” piano. Apparently there was a mix-up about who was supposed to move the piano to the painting location, so I was only able to take the front panels for now. My contact Coe was generous enough to let me use her studio space downtown to paint. It’s a gorgrous old office building with great lighting and plenty of space. I was too jealous to ask how much she pays as I thought about my small, austere space in South Boston.

I chose to do a bees and clovers theme and got started. I already had a can of caribbean blue leftover from the whale-themed utility box I did a few months ago in Jamaica Plain. I used that as my background color and decided on gold and beige as my accents. I finished these panels in a day and now I’m just waiting on them to move the piano so I can paint the body. I’m very excited and will post more pictures when it happens! For now, here are some progress shots…


The piano in the warehouse…




The panels painted with background colors.


Detail of the bee.


Red clovers


The whole top panel (this will go just above the keys and be eye level)

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