Jay mural

Corvus Jays

Corvus Murals

Corvus Magpie

magnolia park bee mural

Magnolia Park

Salem Mural Slam

birdhouse artwork

Columba livia

Last Seen Podcast

Moon & Stars Farm

Moon & Stars Farm

A C painted for CapitalOne sign

CapitalOne Sign

Fenway High School panther mural

Fenway High School

close up of a bird mural

POW! WOW! Worcester

whale mural in Oaxaca

Oaxaca Whales

electrical box painted in Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain Whales

Marion Stoddart standing in front of a mural of her in Fitchburg

Marion Stoddart Mural

a boy playing a painted piano

Bee Piano

close up of a skull mural

Skull Mural